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Heyia there ! =)

I can see a young talent here =) you are good to draw, and making animation is very hard and time comsuming. But you did well
thanks for the movie, next time you can make it more michinima ( more story like) but else good job =D


it deserved to be in this position, the first place in the best all time list!


this was sad to see and an exelent way to put it. i imagine a scene from the 2nd world war when planes bombing england. like the movie: The wall. from Pink floyd song: bye blue sky. defently a good movie

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I will try to give you a good review.

First the obvious, the drum and bass
I think the snare and kick drum should be more clearer in the mix. Also add some more snap to it.
The bass sounds its to compressed and is not deep enough. Also, another trick is to add a little sidechain to the bass to bring it up in the mix. When you have a good mix, then master it.

The song is very short. It should be longer. But to do so, do not make it repetitive. But the melody works! I would choose other synths tho, but that is just taste.

You are doing great, keep it goinig.

lantaren responds:

"I think the snare and kick drum should be more clearer in the mix." I agree, I've been trying to figure out how to do that, and obviously haven't succeeded yet.

"The bass sounds its to compressed and is not deep enough."

First of all, distortion - not compression, ever so slightly different.. second of all, idk how much more below 20hz you want it to go, but I can take out more of the mid range, I guess, and jack up more in the bass spectrum. Or can throw in a sub bass, I didn't do that yet.

"Also, another trick is to add a little sidechain to the bass to bring it up in the mix."

I'm sidechaining everything, actually, and fairly strongly, as well. cutting the volume in half, sharply, on the bass drum hits, so I'm not sure what more there would be to do there..

"When you have a good mix, then master it."

I'm not too certain what exactly you're saying here - I do know what the distinction is between the two, but I'm not certain what you mean.. I believe that the mix is fairly good, and I'm not sure what I would do post production as this is what it sounds without anything done to it, in essence, I haven't done any mastering/limiter on the main channel or anything. This is just the raw track.

And finally - "The song is very short"; yes it is, is why I said that it was "a short snippet of something I've been working on."

Note that I'm not trying to argue anything here, just state my opinion on your views - if you could further elaborate on the things I've pointed out above, perhaps through a PM, I would be more than happy enough to try them out and see your opinion upon what improvements I could make.

Hello there
I will be very clear on what I think of this. In case you are wondering why im giving you 3 stars.
Its very short, although its only a "sample", in another words, WIP = work in progress. This is so similar to tiesto's original, om not sure if you are doing a remix or a remake. When you are trying to remix a song, try a different chord progression that fits the melody and or the vocals.

I like the heavy Kick and the bass arpeggios. With the 0.44 melody its a clearly nice piece of Trance! What is missing is some effects and crashes that glue the parts together. Like a reversed crash leading to a crash in 00:30 for example. The overall mix sounds great. The mastering could have been better, but mastering is hard to master (wordplay, lol).

See ya

prodrift101 responds:

Thanks for your review. Three stars is more than understandable. As far as sounding like tiesto's mix, I cannot lie, I used the first minute of his song as a good framing for the rest of the song. After the music cuts out, I add different arps playing original melodies.

When it comes to gluing the tracks together, my FX still aren't done yet. I have some more cymbals and reverse FX later on in the song but don't introduce them too early on so it doesn't seem repetitive.

I'll send you a message after I finish the darn thing.

Hey Hypno :)
Here is review for you. You were kindly advising me to structure my future projects. So here is a neatly structured review for you dear:

|0.0 - 1.15|
I like the orchestra, sounds nice Flows nice, especially with the dynamic chords. Also I like the xylophone(ish) in the background in 0.45. Hmmm, WHAT? Wait a minute! This does not sound like dubstep!

*Reads the description *facepalms

Nice bass! Simple, but yet effective bass. Like minded, I think it is not necessary with the skrillex sound to call a song dubstep. The percussion is fitting the bass and the ochestra nicely, not over the top.

Nice background melody here. Flows to a different section for both the orchestra and the dubstep bass/drums. I guess this is the chorus, since all parts are playing here. Missing a little more punch in the pronounced parts (like choruses).

Nice outro for what you got from the last sections. Cannot really say much here :)

Nice idea! It could fit perfectly in a commercial for something cool/rough , and classic/elegant at the same time. Like a car with different driving modes. The idea of blending two genre is hard to get it right. But you pulled it off. Nice job!

The mixing could be better. If you compress the kick and the bass more, you could maximize and get a more punchy sound. Be aware, when you compress bass, you lose a bit of the low end. An EQ would fix that. Compress things to glue things together basically.

Other than that is a job well done. Keep up enjoy making music!


HypnoSophistication responds:

Thanks you very much for the constructive criticism! Hope you make some new stuff soon, really like what you're doing.

Take care.


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woah! =D

How do you do that?
all that work and such.. do you use a drawing-board? or just using layer filter and cliping and pasting? =) could you give me a tip?
see my work aswell =)


Nice one there =D really like a fantasy dream world

Funkyfists responds:

Thanks! What i was goin for :P

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